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Dean Brettschneider from eyeworks on Vimeo.

Welcome, to my 'world of baking' and the world of the Global Baker.

Throughout my years of baking I've been fortunate to be involved in some amazing baking and bakeries, and meet some remarkable people. These have helped me to develop my uncompromising passion for the art of exceptional baking.

Bakery products are so often thought of as a staple product – something to go with soup or as some sort of meal filler. Our profession finds it too easy to continually turn out traditional bread types and the same old Danish pastries. But bakery foods can be so much more than this and I want to explore ways to move baked foods from the side plate to the centre of the main plate!

At a good meal, the bread should be chosen as carefully as the wine; the dessert can combine the flavours and textures that are the domain of the pastry chef. A baker does not need to be thought of as the dusty old guy who turns out the village staple – the profession can find a far more creative role to play in food design, making our foods as much a sensual eating experience as they are a staple food.

I hope you will gain from this site and share in my passion of baking. Please feel free to select a recipe and give it a try. I am sure you'll be surprised and delighted by the results and, more importantly, proud that you gave it a go and made it with your own hands, energy, passion and time.

If you'd like to purchase copies of my books, just click on one of the 'buy' buttons and they're yours in no time, then it's happy reading and happy baking from me to you.

Enjoy the site and most of all enjoy baking!

Dean Brettschneider

PS - feel free to drop me a line on

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Dean Brettschneider, known internationally as "the Global Baker", is a professional bakery adviser, widely respected as a skilled and innovative craftsman. Working in Asia, the USA, Britain and Europe as well as in New Zealand, Dean has earned many accolades and awards in bakery competitions and exhibitions.

Dean describes his baking style as "back to the future". That means using traditional recipes combined with modern techniques, equipment and flavours.
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